• DISCOVERY is an award-winning, guest recognition programme, providing 11 million members with benefits and rewards in over 500 hotels and resorts across 85 countries worldwide.

  • DISCOVERY gives hotel guests the ability to choose from any of our 35 member brands, whilst benefiting from a shared recognition and rewards programme, and earning tier nights at any DISCOVERY hotel.


How does DISCOVERY create value to

your guests?

  • For today's guests, who travel globally, guest recognition programmes need to offer global reach to be meaningful and to avoid the lost revenue of your guests having to defect to the global chains.

  • By bringing together independent hotel brands from all over the world, DISCOVERY achieves the same global scale, allowing your guests to benefit from staying at all member brand hotels while enjoying the distinctive proposition of each member brand.

  • DISCOVERY encourages guests to stay in a brand's sister hotels, increasing "intra-brand" business and cross-visitation across global geographies.


Learn more about DISCOVERY here.

How does DISCOVERY reward the guests?

  • We believe that rewarding members with authentic, memorable experiences is more valuable than collecting points.

  • Our members earn Local Experience awards to redeem for innovative, authentic adventures meant to connect each traveller more deeply with their destination and its people, and make each stay unforgettable.

  • Our customer-facing website www.discoveryloyalty.com lists over 2,800 Local Experiences to choose from. Guests can take advantage of redeeming these either when staying on property, or even as non-resident guests, giving them ultimate flexibility.