Do you want to dramatically increase your repeat guest rate?

  • DISCOVERY allows brands to recognise, reward and maximise revenues from their repeat guests.

  • Guests are rewarded with a range of experiences that are proven to result in increased business and higher spend per guest.

  • Our member brands benefit from significantly increased repeat business - repeating at the same hotel and at other hotels under your brand.



Learn more how our member brands

benefit from being part of the alliance.

  • Our member brands offer their own guests free enrolment into DISCOVERY, marketed to their guests as their own programme (or complementing an existing programme).

  • DISCOVERY is an award-winning, plug-and-play guest recognition programme, requiring minimal upfront capex to join.

  • Rather than creating your own, more costly programme (that lacks the global scale to be truly successful), you can join DISCOVERY instead and enjoy immediate benefits from additional revenues and seamless guest recognition.

Do you want to offer guests an award-winning, global recognition programme,

but without the cost and time of developing your own?


Do you want to expand your brand's footprint and successfully enter

new markets?

  • With DISCOVERY in your development toolkit, you will improve your chances of winning new management agreements or underwriting acquisitions and leases.

  • By tapping our global base of 11 million guests, brands are able to build market share in new markets and stabilise hotels more quickly.

  • DISCOVERY encourages guests to stay in a brand's sister hotels, increasing "intra-brand" business and cross-visitation across global geographies.

Do you want to gain up to 5% points in incremental occupancy?


  • In addition to boosting own-brand repeat guests, DISCOVERY is unique because member brands benefit from each other's guests enrolled into a shared global programme.


  • Cross-brand guests are a source of lucrative, incremental new business - increasing occupancy rates and channel shifting away from expensive third-party channels.


  • In key locations, where member brands see the highest cross-brand business, hotels in DISCOVERY see up to 5% points in incremental occupancy in addition to 25% to 60% occupancy from loyalty members enrolled at the same brand.

Do you want to maximise direct bookings and cut the cost of your distribution channels?

  • DISCOVERY is marketed to your guests as YOUR brand's guest recognition programme, helping to build brand equity and bookings through direct channels.


  • The majority of cross-brand nights produced for member brands are through brand.com.


  • Our brands pay a simple commission-based fee based on the amount of business which DISCOVERY produces, to yield an attractive marketing ROI.

Do you want to offer your guests a superior experience through a powerful CRM platform?

  • When booking on brand.com, guests are prompted to join DISCOVERY, encouraging your guests to enrol themselves and capturing their profile and preferences.

  • If brands have their own state-of-the-art CRM platform, DISCOVERY aligns with your own CRM efforts, ensuring that our 100+ annual marketing campaigns complement your own.

  • For smaller brands that leverage our CRM platform, DISCOVERY is a powerful solution - for no additional charge, we deliver our member brands' CRM campaigns and loyalty communications.