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Manager - Projects & Partnerships

Job Title: Manager - Projects & Partnerships 

Department: Strategy

Reports to: Senior Director of Strategy

Location: Dubai, Head office

Position Overview:

Communicating with internal and external stakeholders, the Manager – Projects & Partnerships will provide the necessary support for projects within the organisation. Taking the lead over various project aspects, Manager – Projects & Partnerships helps to plan, implement and oversee the projects post-implementation.


The areas of responsibility under this position include but are not limited to:

  • Project Management

  • Partnerships​

Project Management:

  • Plans, coordinates and administers activities within assigned projects or project areas to help implement project goals

  • Produces and maintains project plans

  • Assists in developing project documentation, policies, procedures and guidelines and maintains project filing system

  • Works with internal and external stakeholders to ensure timely project execution

  • Oversees project goals, creates reports on project status, highlights implementation gaps and suggests new solutions

  • Researches data for project planning, analyses data to support project development and implementation, and monitors data during project execution

  • Undertakes other administrative tasks as specified by the line manager


  • Administers activities within assigned partnerships project areas to ensure timely project execution

  • Maintains process-driven approaches to partner outreach and relationship management

  • Communicates with external (partners, member brands) and internal (GHA) stakeholders to ensure continuity of successful partnerships and contributes to improvements of processes and procedures

  • Plays a key role in new partner onboarding

  • Co-creates content promotions with partners

  • Creates reports on partnership status and analyses data to generate insights for partner project results

  • Researches, identifies and sources new partnership opportunities

  • Develops, organises and maintains the partnerships-related documentation and files

Qualifications, Experience and Skills:

  • Project Management certification is preferred

  • Thinks analytically and is able to challenge and interpret the internal and external factors

  • Requires multi-tasking and prioritisation skills working under time pressure, with continuous attention to detail

  • Requires strong interpersonal skills in interacting with key stakeholders and excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Requires knowledge of working in a multi-cultural environment with international companies, to work with integrity and actively promote ethics and compliance policies across the organisation

  • Knowledge of the hospitality industry is beneficial

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