For today’s guests, they travel globally and ultimately, guest recognition programmes need to have global reach to be meaningful, and avoid the lost revenue of your guests having to defect to the global chains. This is why big brand loyalty programmes have become so powerful. By bringing together independent hotel brands from all over the world, DISCOVERY achieves the same global scale, allowing your guests to benefit from staying at all member brand hotels.


With the launch of DISCOVERY in 2010, GHA pioneered the concept of rewarding repeat guests with experience-based benefits, instead of conventional points-based programmes. We call these [Local Experiences] and they are shown to drive guest loyalty, whereas research shows that a “transactional” points-based approach does not achieve genuine brand loyalty (instead commoditising the guest experience). Local Experiences resonate with today’s hotel guests, giving them the ability to choose their own personalised experiences, and build deeper emotional connections and memories from their stay. Unsurprisingly, in recent years the big brands have looked to replicate our success, by offering their guests similar experiences, as alternatives to free nights. Instead of points, DISCOVERY members earn tier nights – the more nights they stay at any GHA member brand, the more benefits and rewards that they earn. As an added incentive to stay with different alliance brands, Platinum and Black members earn subsequent Local Experience awards every time they stay at a new DISCOVERY hotel brand. Independently, [research] published by Oracle Hospitality in February 2018, based on 13,000 customers, reinforces why DISCOVERY is so popular amongst guests. Over 60% of guests think a recognition programme based on experiences, rather than points, is appealing. (Notably, the desire for earning loyalty points is in decline, in favour of more immediate rewards and experiences.) Furthermore, 75% of guests think a recognition programme that can be used across a range of brands is appealing. DISCOVERY is designed around these principles – ultimately giving better benefits and rewards to your guests; at a lower cost to our member brands.


We believe that rewarding members with authentic, memorable experiences is more valuable than collecting points. Our members earn Local Experience awards to redeem for innovative, authentic adventures meant to connect each traveller more deeply with their destination and its people, and make each stay unforgettable. From visits to local markets, followed by personalised cooking lessons in the native cuisine, and spa services wholly grounded in traditional healing techniques, to behind-the-scenes tours of museums, and private shopping excursions, our one-of-a-kind catalogue of experiences caters to global explorers of every persuasion. Our [website] lists over 2,500 Local Experiences to choose from.
Guests can take advantage of redeeming these either when staying on property, or even as non-resident guests, giving them ultimate flexibility.


Without the complexity of points schemes, that involve black-out periods, devalued points, and often hotels not participating, DISCOVERY is extremely user-friendly and easy for guests to grasp. Over the years, GHA has been awarded many accolades, including X, Y and Z recently. Another innovation for DISCOVERY members is the ability to gift their Local Experiences to charities. Without needing to stay at a hotel, DISCOVERY members are able to choose from these charities: X, Y and Z.

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